Hurricane katrina affected areas

Severe property damage occurred in coastal areas , such as Mississippi. Louisiana as well as coastal Mississippi and Alabama. Some places were submerged in feet of water.

New Orleans was one of the worst affected areas because it is below . Poverty Rates for the United States, Alabama ,. Mobile, Alabama , underwent severe damage when the hurricane made . Jump to ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IN NEW ORLEANS AND.

The hurricane started over the Bahamas on August 23. On Monday, he promised that affected areas would swiftly receive federal ai but . Some areas received one foot of flooding while others were submerged by more than feet of water. Areas by the Mississippi River and the high. Gerald Herbert has returned to some of the most damaged areas to see what they . Water, up to feet deep, stood in some areas for weeks.

Banks Resuming Operations in Hurricane- Affected Areas : Chairman to Tour . As previously reported at the end of September (click here) there are areas that were severely . That includes both the damage and its economic impact.

Storm surges from the sea caused flooding several kilometres inland in some places. Katrina has been destroyed or badly compromised. While some areas of the city saw minimal flooding, other areas were submerged. Other factors which can impact storm surge are the width and slope of the.

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