Hurricane katrina aftermath pictures

Hurricane Katrina produced images never before seen in an American city. A shaft of light falls throught an opening in the fully evacuated Superdome on Sept. Officials said the complete evacuation of New .

Assessing the damage after the hurricane hits the Gulf Coast. Up to 300survivors from. PICTURES : Tigers Butchered for Trade at Zoos in China . Lives were lost, homes were destroyed and a .

Louis, Pass Christian, Long . THESE pictures show the shocking devastation left by Hurricane. Mario Tama show the catastrophic aftermath of Katrina and how the city has . New Orleans, an area badly flooded in the aftermath of Katrina. Picture : Angela SaurineSource:Supplied. In the immediate aftermath of the September 11th attacks, our Canadian . Powerful photos from the storm and aftermath.

Telling Their Stories is an emotional and moving retrospective of the powerful images made in the aftermath of Katrina. A father carefully holds his baby as he wades to safety.

First let me stress that we were very lucky. There was damage along the Eastern Shore but so far no deaths. I almost feel guilty posting these . These two pictures were in the same slide show released by AP and picked up all over the mass media. After instant outrage from various . As the aftermath of Harvey continues to unfold along the Texas coast,. A week after Hurricane Harvey hit Southern Texas, residents are beginning the.

A levee along the Inner Harbor Navigational Canal being broken in the aftermath of. Barker Reservoir reached capacity in the aftermath of Harvey in Katy, Texas.