Hurricane katrina aftermath video

The community celebrates how far it has come since the deadly storm. Sneak peek at Katrina : The Storm That Never Stoppe a CNN Special Report tonight at 9p ET on CNN. Amazing facts about weather, accidents.

Bush at his farm in Crawfor Texas about the severity of the storm. The site includes aerial video , still photography, and laser altimetry surveys of . Homes are immersed in water. Ocean water is calm after the storm.

Watch how the BBC covered the aftermath of one of the worst . In the aftermath , NASA satellites also helped identify areas hardest hit. Video not playing, click here. This video is an aerial showcase of the damage following the storm and the. WWL-TV is looking back at some of the moments from the storm and its aftermath.

The TechKnow team travels to New Orleans years after the storm to look at new flood-defense technology. The hurricane and its aftermath claimed more than 8lives,. Follow the cross-country trek from post-Katrina New Orleans to California.

A look back at the devastating hurricane , years later.

Exclusive content includes graphics, timelines and videos covering the natural disaster,. Tuesday marks 12-year anniversary of historic hurricane. Hurricane Katrina during the storm.

The aftermath of Katrina devastated the New Orleans health care safety net, . Katrina and ongoing police violence in America, the video also . Interviews with hurricane victims and rebuilding efforts in New Orleans and Mississippi. Katrina was no surprise to environmental-justice advocates. RESCUE RADIO IN THE AFTERMATH OF HURRICANE KATRINA : LAKEVIEW FLOADING Part – Never Seen.