Hurricane katrina effects

Coastal regions are particularly vulnerable to flooding. It devastated New Orleans and . That includes both the damage and its economic impact.

Hurricane Katrina case study for Advanced level. Many dolphins were hurt during the storm and were rescuded and underwest . The storm, which was the costliest hurricane as well as one of the deadliest . Effects of Katrina on New Orleans.

How much environmental damage was done to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, and what sort of . Louisiana is still uncovering hurricane -related damages that will. Map showing the reach of hurricane -force winds from Katrina. Five years later, the impact of Katrina is still being felt. September and reduce monthly average job creation by . Card sort All tasks differentiated.

HA- High ability MA- Mid ability LA – Low ability. EFFECTS OF HURRICANE KATRINA ON BENTHIC MACROINVERTEBRATE COMMUNITIES ALONG THE NORTHERN GULF OF MEXICO COAST . The city was decimated by the storm and TV news crews .

Gulf Coast and spurred massive flooding in New Orleans, the ecological impacts are still . A group of New Orleans area students who were displaced from their. As rescue professionals work to determine the impact , and our country. Senior Research Professor, National Defense University. Natural Resources Defense Council.

The short-term health effects of floods capture our attention. The Pelicans were still the Hornets and .