Hurricane katrina path

Katrina on path west to hit La. World Reference System-path 22. This hurricane caused heavy casualties and extensive destruction along its path.

Storm Maps: WunderPhotos (51). Click the map to change the zoom level. After it stalled over the Gulf . Although the storm surge was higher to the East of the path of the eye of .

DEPRESSION STRENGTHENS INTO TROPICAL STORM KATRINA OVER THE CENTRAL BAHAMAS. That would have meant some rain and wind from the . Hurricane Sandy, the Florida panhandle oil spill and the . In Path of Destruction: The Devastation of New Orleans and the Coming. Even better, it gives us the back story on the history of . South as New Orleans, but rather . Over the next seven days, the tropical storm grew into.

Level 1: Children and families in the path of the hurricane. That means two extra days for people in the path to prepare.

ARE POSSIBLE ALONG THE PATH OF KATRINA ACROSS THE GULF COAST . We called ourselves trying to miss the path of the hurricane. Significant events include record-breaking winds and. Louisiana –Mississippi border . The worst hurricane , in terms of damage in the U. With all of Florida, and several southeastern U. On this path and at this intensity, total damage may well exceed $50 .