Hurricane katrina primary effects

Hurricane Katrina – Secondary Impacts. Cost of damage-3billion dollars. But now, five years later, the long-term effects on the .

Survivors could also face long-term health risks due to prolonged exposure to the petrochemical tainted flood waters and mosquito- borne . Areas affected ‎: ‎ Greater New Orleans Highest winds ‎: ‎ 1-minute sustained ‎: 1mph. It devastated New Orleans and . Anderson suspects that fisheries in the Gulf are likely to be the long-term victims of the oil.

The short-term health effects of floods capture our attention. Card sort All tasks differentiated. HA- High ability MA- Mid ability LA – Low ability.

USGS), to address hurricane related needs and. Thomas Heitmuller and Brian C. Primary dunes and most secondary dunes that . Perez the primary dumping ground for the flood waters . What were the primary social effects. Agriculture and industry damaged – 30 .

When primary communications systems faile many public safety . Need to access completely for Ebook PDF the effects of hurricane katrina on corn. Effects of Katrina on New Orleans. The only really big long-term impact is on the psychology of . That includes both the damage and its economic impact.

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