Hurricane lili 2002 damage

Hurricane Lili was the twelfth named storm, fourth hurricane, and second major. Lucia, damage was around $7. There was damage to 4homes in Barbados and half the banana crop of St.

Isidore damaged 90homes there. By Judy Clark Associate Editor. Oil and gas companies operating in the . Louisiana coast, it caused significant wind and flood damage in that area.

CHRIS COLLURA HURRICANE CHASING LILI CHASE LOUISIANA ABEVILLE INTERCEPTION. Some moderate damage and severe flooding was observed. Property damage totaled between $7million and $1. Damage that was done cost up to . Southern Louisiana hurricanes video footage. Man riding bike through heavy storm 2. Three women leaving destroyed home 3. Windward Islands, Lili caused three deaths and extensive damage in St.

There were no casualties or damage reported in association with Arthur.

Vincent and the Grenadines, . Lili caused extensive damage through the Caribbean, particularly to crops and poorly built homes. The salty water that you smelt caused major damage to the soil and. When combined with damaged water treatment plants, sewage plants, . This image was taken by the . While assessing damage , officials are expressing relief that no storm-related deaths have been reported.

Katrina, Rita, Ivan, Lili, Georges and Tropical. Sud river flows through the center of town, causing severe damage , loss of goods.