Hurricane mitch timeline

Hg Highest winds ‎: ‎ 1-minute sustained ‎: 1mph. Shortcomings in the disaster response. Hurricane Mitch was one of the most powerful storm ever .

The resulting landslides and floods killed an estimated 0people, making Fifi the 2nd deadliest Atlantic hurricane. Mireya Moscoso becomes first woman president of Panama. Isabel made landfall on Sept.

It was the deadliest hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean in two centuries.

Of course, a monster like Mitch , sporting tornado-force winds in the main body of the hurricane , is something to be far away from and not fool with. Social Network of History with thousands of . now to get your own personalized timeline ! El Salvador timeline covering an arranged chronological timetable of key events. First pequeño, Marlon Velasquez, graduated from university. An emergency appeal chaired by Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte raises . Mapping: Creation of timelines English (en) Deutsch (de) español (es).

Officer Ronald Mitchell and his partner Officer Ray Jones claim that Brumfiel waving something shiny in his left hand . This timeline includes information about hurricanes , in general, in detail and scientific advances.

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