Hurricane news 2016

Get the latest hurricane info. Find New Orleans, Louisiana and nationwide updates and pictures of the latest storm news and extreme weather coverage from . People do not seem to get it and are not leaving, Martin County, Florida, Sheriff William D. Life-threatening rain…wind…and storm surge expected in parts of Haiti tonight,” headlined the . Irma now miles northeast of Fort Myers and chugging north. Doug Stanglin and Tim Smith, USA TODAY Network Published 6: a. An anchor on the local news reported that in Colombia thoughtful volunteers had. A two-way outlet, JSHN is news for the people, by the people. Live, local, late breaking news , weather and sports for the Charleston metro area.

Get Charleston-area news , weather, sports and community information and . Florida residents have been ordered to evacuate,” according to ABC News. The storm weakened slightly, to Category with winds of about 1m. Why do weather agencies and the news media keep getting the forecasts so wrong.

Post-Tropical Cyclone Matthew. Storm Maps: WunderPhotos (47). Click the map to change the zoom level.

Several news anchors also issued dire warnings urging Floridians to . Channel Islands battered by hurricane force winds overnight on ITV News , videos, stories and. Hurricane and tropical storm tracking from KHOU in Houston, Texas. News Be Funny Videos, Bloopers, and Fails. Controls engineers have developed practical strategies for building and coordinating scores of sensor-laden balloons within hurricanes.

FLORIDA TODAY staff Published 7:a. WASHINGTON – Today, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is calling on individuals and families across the nation to .