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According to reports, the update temporarily unlocked the. HURRICANE Irma has further weakened and is expected to fall to tropical. Also, follow our live updates here or .

The bad news is that this is some big monster,” Trump told reporters . We have all seen the footage on the news of the hurricane and the utter devastation it has left behind and wanted to help. Tampa, mayor Bob Buckhorn has been giving an update of the damage. Television news video showed people clambering in and out of a .

At least four deaths have been linked to the storm and several areas have brought in curfews. CBSN Live all day following . We bring you news of the storm and updates on damage. Flash Flood Emergency for downtown Jacksonville. Hurricane warnings for South Florida were dropped at p. Trump commented hours after the nearly 400-mile-wide storm blew. House said Trump had received a comprehensive update on Irma . Latest details on tropical weather and hurricane updates.

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As of Monday morning, the storm had been downgraded to a. Live updates : Irma producing hurricane -force winds across central. Global climate change could mean Hawaii is in for more frequent hurricane threats in the future, a new report released at the International Union of Conservation . MailOnline US – news , sport, celebrity, science and health stories. The update provides those trying to escape the path of the storm. The hurricane , which smashed through the Florida Keys earlier Sunday,.

When major news happens, stay on top of the latest developments, . Get the latest hurricane info. Find New Orleans, Louisiana and nationwide updates and pictures of the latest storm news and extreme weather coverage from .