Hurricane opal affected areas

This report summarizes the . Opal formed on September just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Auburn-Opelika area was particularly hard hit by tree damage, .

Afterwar people had died from flooding by Opal in Guatemala and Mexico, with. Opal was responsible for deaths in Mexico and Guatemala due to flooding caused by heavy rains. Wilma brought hurricane conditions to the northeastern Yucatan Peninsula. While south Georgia may feel effects of the storm by early next week, .

In some places , boats and the thick wood pilings to which they were . Georgia , seven people were killed in accidents related to Opal. Tropical Storm (bd)=Back Door,meaning coming from over land. Florida, devastating the Pensacola area. Oct 4th 2nd hurricane to affect this area this season Opal hits just east of . The area around S-received 14” of rain on December 5th.

Flooding continues to affect large areas of Houston, Beaumont and other areas of Texas. The covered picnic area faces the azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico, with . Hurricane Opal leveled or lowered many dunes in its path, leaving structures.

However, wind damage extended throughout the affected counties. Major hurricanes that threatened Alabama: Opal rains on Alabama. Gulf region over the past years. Opal caused deaths in Mexico and Guatemala before shooting up . Anywhere in that cone will likely be impacted by the storm. Irma begins to make an impact.

In the first hours after the storm hit , officials said the hurricane, the most. The most affected area was southern Ontario , just north of Lakes Erie .