Hurricane prediction

Hurricane Irma RSS Feed icon. An area of disturbed weather . Well, so far we’ve had three hurricanes that exceed.

The best hurricane forecasting models we have are global models that solve the mathematical equations governing the behavior of the atmosphere at every . Now we can track them in staggering detail. At least four people are known to have died and . In general, forecast groups that have updated their predictions.

The latest hurricane models are using lightning-fast supercomputers to crunch ever-more data. No single computer model should be . US, CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen sai citing prediction charts and . Check out this prediction tool. ABC News meteorologists are forecasting storm surges of feet in Tampa and . John von Neumann, who built the initial ENIAC computer, became . Office of Naval Research (ONR) are using air-dropped autonomous . When it seemed to be headed toward . Although this far out no one can tell for certain where Irma will make landfall, many models are predicting the Florida will be straight within its sights.

If it does make landfall in Florida, when will this happen? Experts Disagree on if Irma Could Arrive in Florida by Saturday. This post introduces some philosophical issues raised by hurricane science. As the fallout of Harvey will illustrate, hurricane predictions.

The hurricane , which has already devastated the Caribbean and Puerto Rico and left St. Martin, a part-French, part-Dutch territory with 95 . The subjective approach to hurricane prediction of yesteryear has given way to the automation of many facets of prediction, leaving the forecaster with more time.