Hurricane preparedness checklist 2017

The most important thing you can do as hurricane season approaches is to get. Make your preparations easier by downloading the checklists included with . It only takes one storm to change your life and community.

Hurricane Preparedness – Be Ready. Image of Preparedness Checklist. Follow the hurricane timeline preparedness checklist , depending on when the storm is anticipated to hit.

Make sure your hurricane kit includes:.

EMERGENCY HOME READINESS CHECKLIST. Complete your storm preparations and leave the area if directed to. Safety experts and emergency management officials. The essential guide to prepare for hurricane season including hurricane facts, common terms,. To view the current list of tropical cyclone names click here: . First Coast News , WTLV 10:AM.

Learn more about basic storm preparation. Print out the checklists below and take them with you when you shop. Emergency Supplies Checklist.

When it comes to hurricane preparedness , The Home Depot has you covered with products and information that can assist you. Unfortunately, hurricane season is inevitable. Download these checklists and keep them with you:.

Learn what you need in your hurricane preparedness kit. Foo water, manual can opener and dishes. Plastic bags, paper towels, newspaper. Disaster Kit Checklists Please make sure that your disaster kits have enough supplies to last each person 3-days.

All Hazard Preparedness (Vietnamese). Some hurricane key preparation steps include:. The hurricane preparedness checklist will help you prepare your organization by .