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The time is now to make sure your hurricane kit is fully stocked. The beginning of Atlantic hurricane season is right around the corner, so the time is now to make sure your hurricane kit is fully stocked. Hurricane Disaster Supply Kit.

Visit our Operating Status page for more helpful information on emergency preparedness. Feminine supplies and personal hygiene items. An emergency kit contains items for you and your family until regular.

Regional Disaster Preparedness.

HOUSTON – Are you prepared if an emergency were to happen? Download our free preparedness apps today. First aid kit , Stay out of any building that has water around it. For additional information on hurricane preparedness for people with access . Houston Highway Traffic Cameras.

Image of an Example Disaster Supply Kit. Safety experts and emergency management officials. Know the difference between tropical storm and hurricane WATCHES and WARNINGS.

HOUSTON – The first day of the Atlantic hurricane season is.

A basic emergency supply kit includes the following items: Water: One gallon of water per person . Follow the hurricane timeline preparedness checklist, depending on when the . Assembling an emergency preparedness kit. Emergency preparedness starts with being informed. Although Texas coastal communities face the greatest threat from hurricane events,. Put together your disaster supplies kit as recommended in.

American Red Cross preparedness guide for hurricane season. What should go into your hurricane preparedness kit ? Check your emergency kit and replenish any items missing or in short supply, . This app includes preparedness tips, emergency kit checklists, recovery and safety .