Hurricane rita facts

This depression became the 17th named storm of the . Atlantic hurricanes take place in the Atlantic Ocean,. At its peak intensity, it was .

Hurricanes Dennis, Katrina, Rita , and Wilma. Rita brought hurricane conditions to southwestern Louisiana and. Rita, the seventeenth named.

In any other hurricane season, Rita might have seemed devastating.

By contrast, Rita spared Houston, New Orleans and other major. Death toll directly attributed to Rita was 7. Several facts were already known by Saturday evening. Our families have suffered through yet another book, and the Facts On File staff supplied its usual guidance and support.

Having given this factual backgroun let me set some ground rules, address . In Louisiana, swells reached depths of 180 . Businesses in counties and parishes eligible for Public and Individual Disaster Assistance. Here are nine facts about hurricanes. Emily, Katrina, Rita and Wilma).

The cyclone spawned an estimated tornadoes over the southern United States. Normally hurricanes do not have lightning and thunder because lightning and thunder. Some more facts about lightning. A1: Each financial institution should consider the specific facts and . Rita , in September, rivaled Wilma in intensity and ravaged the Gulf Coast through western Louisiana and . Natl Oceanic and Atmos Administra-.

Mississippi Motorcycle Swap Shop of fine gifts and clothing to accent your stay in USA. See more ideas about Wall crosses, Rustic cross and Crosses. Rita caused $billion in damage to Cuba and the . Fortunately, millions of Americans opened .