Hurricane safety tips before during and after

If there is serious structural damage, contact local officials before entering. Check emergency equipment, such as flashlights, generators and. Feel better prepared for one with these safety and recovery tips from the American Red Cross today.

The key to hurricane protection is preparation. Make sure you have emergency equipment in your home. Water which has been stored should not be used immediately after the storm for . A hurricane safety plan determines where everyone will go if they need to leave.

Federal Emergency Management . Provide further stability and solidity to your home with these hurricane safety tips. Safety Precautions After the Hit. Stacy Stewart discusses the life-saving action to take before , during and after the storm.

Instea commit these tips from Ready. View this checklist to see what to do before and after the storm, including what supplies to buy. Hurricane safety : When the lights go out. Use Ready New York: My Emergency Plan at NYC.

Florida has experienced quiet hurricane seasons in the last decade.

Jamaican Office for Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM). Precautionary steps that are taken during the hurricane season can help. Take precautions and wear appropriate protective equipment such as . Create an emergency hurricane kit stocked with non-perishable items, which may.

Survival can depend on following key safety tips during hurricane conditions. Your Family, and Your Pets Safe Before , During, and After the Storm. Find out how to keep food safe during and after and emergency.