Hurricane survival kit funny

From Oreos to booze, see Twitter photos of the funniest hurricane emergency. Crafty Survival Kit Ideas for all occasions including funny kits, supportive kits, and thoughtful kits. Some of our survival kits are funny – like our Marriage Survival .

All posts must make an attempt at humor. Check out these victims of hurricane Katrina. You might think they would want to take food and . This is my hurricane and disaster survival kit.

Interesting read – try this. There are some excellent resources for preparedness, such as this one from The American Red Cross, that are available for anyone who may . Prepare for disaster by shopping on eBay to . Ride out any storm with this entertainment survival kit. They got what they need to survive. Click here to send this page to a. What you need in an emergency survival kit.

There are excellent, comprehensive packing lists for your survival kit all . Moms, this is the stuff YOU need to survive days without power and with your kids.

Funny money used at Miromar Outlets. DIY Emergency Survival Kit (updated). Department of Homeland Security says when preparing for an emergency situation, start with the basics of survival : clean water, foo clean air and . Brooks: Trench foot is definitely not funny ! Just small funny tokens, or even serious ones.

We were out of Tylenol for crying out loud! So, thinking of you, and the cold . Someone grab Snooki and board up all the windows at the Jersey Shore! Hurricane Sandy and headed straight for New Jersey, New .