Hurricane tension clips

PLYLOX window clips transfer the outward force of the lift through their tension legs. Push the plywood covers with the PLYLOX tension legs to the outside firmly into the casing. To remove just remove tension from clip by hand.

Shop storm window panel clips in the storm window hardware section of Lowes. Find quality storm window panel clips online or in store. Plylox clips work very well if you use them correctly.

I actually had the aluminium hurricane shutters. Measure and cut wood to fit inside casing, slide on Plylox clips , push plywood into window casing,yo. Temporary window tension clips secure plywood to window casings . DOOR OPENING PROTECTION IN HURRICANE REGIONS. PlyloxTM clips provide an alternative method to secure wood. When asked “What is the best and easiest way to board up windows on brick and stone homes?

When clip or panel fasteners are loaded in withdrawal ( tension ), screws are recommended in lieu of nails. Stainless steel hurricane straps, joists and clips. Some hurricane tie models are available with additional corrosion resistance for exterior and treated-wood.

HPT hurricane ties are specifically designed for rafter-to-wall retrofits in. Plylox, an inch-wide H-shaped metal clip that slips on the. Gypsum board installed at inside corners with metal clips or wood backers does not get fastened to either.

RESIST TENSION AND COMPRESSION ROOF DIAPHRAGM PERIMETER METAL HURRICANE TIE AT EACH RAFTER OR TRUSS . At times, the largest problems with hurricane shutter systems are the lead time for. CAUTION: Using spring clips , Velcro, barrel bolts, or wedging techniques will . Tension clips secure ½” plywood to recessed window casings . Hurricane tested protection for your home.