Hurricane update 2016

TC Type Image Hurricane Irma RSS Feed icon . HIGH RIP CURRENT RISK REMAINS IN EFFECT. Monitor tropical storms and hurricanes and get storm safety and preparedness tips with Hurricane Central from weather.

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Storm Maps: WunderPhotos (47). Click the map to change the zoom level. Special local hurricane correspondents are standing by on the islands and will provide timely eye-witness reports and updates. Bringing you the very latest Hurricane Otto path updates , storm track models, weather. HURRICANE Nicole is re-strengthening just days after she tore through.

Latest update , forecast and tracking map. Hurricane Nicole update : Tracking map, latest path and forecast as storm heads to Bermuda. This is the latest update from the National Hurricane Center on the probable path of the storm over the coming days.

The season officially begins on June.

Real-time reports of current hurricane threats to Cuba provided from our office. GMT – Hurricane Matthew hit Cuba late Tuesday night. Irma now miles northeast of Fort Myers and chugging north.

Eastern: Reuters reported that the death toll has surpassed 80 according to local officials. ET update on the storm from the National Weather Service: During the. Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale: definition.

Throughout the year these pages will provide the latest updates and information as we name. I think we need to get away from names and give them numbers starting with current year first then numerical order. Water vapor image of Hurricane Matthew, Monday evening, Oct.

We offer long-range forecasts of hurricane , typhoon and tropical cyclone activity. The current hurricane forecast offers three scenarios, of which the first .