Hurricane winds

This scale estimates potential property damage. Also, follow our live updates here or . The Saffir-Simpson hurricane only goes up to Category 5.

A devastating storm surge and destructive winds are now racing up the Florida Peninsula. The worst storm surge in Tampa Bay and the Gulf Coast, and along the Georgia and South Carolina coasts is yet to. The full force of the hurricane , with winds at times reaching 130mph, pummeled the southern part of Florida throughout most of the day. Hurricane Andrew was one of the most destructive hurricanes in U.

Sunday and is moving north at mph with sustained winds of 1mph. On Saturday, Irma continues to rake the north coast of Cuba, where it first hit the Camaguey archipelago on Friday night. Saturday will also see tropical storm-force winds lash Florida, ahead of Irma’s arrival. Jose is forecast to hit islands already ravaged by Irma – including.

Lights are flickering in and out, trees are . Valdosta residents were warned Sunday at noon by county officials to prepare for six hours of continuous hurricane -force winds at about the . A second constuction crane has collapsed in. Irma was nearing the heavily populated Tampa-St. The Treasure Coast is predicted to be on the east side of eye, which places the region in the area of the strongest winds and rains.

The hurricane made landfall on . As the storm started passing through Central Florida, winds were 85 . This is Long Islan Bahamas and the ocean water is missing! With strong winds in the background she shows an ocean expanse with only puddles of water atop. Between 1and 2kilometers. One of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the Atlantic brings flooding and destruction to Miami after making landfall in the US, with . RAW CLIMATOLOGY To examine the geographic distribution of annual exceedence probabilities we ran the model for hurricane winds and major hurricane . Damaging winds will accompany any hurricane , no matter what category it is.

A hurricane by definition has winds of at least miles per hour. Before Harvey, or Irma, or Katrina, there was Camille. With winds so powerful that they knocked out wind gauges in Mississippi, the epic . In severe hurricanes , wind -related property losses are often substantial and .