Hurricanes and tropical cyclones

This Story Map Journal presents maps, data, and apps for hurricanes and tropical cyclones around the world. Hurricanes and Tropical Storms. Find out where the hurricane is and stay ahead of the storm.

Caribbean and China Sea region . We offer long-range forecasts of hurricane , typhoon and tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic, NW Pacific, SW Pacific and Indian Ocean basins. Nearly all tropical storms and hurricanes start out as tropical disturbances. These are areas of unsettled weather and thunderstorms in the tropics.

The strongest tropical storms are called hurricanes , typhoons or tropical cyclones. The different names all mean the same thing, but are used in different parts of . The practice of naming storms ( tropical cyclones ) began years ago in order to help in. These are large, swirling storms which have violent winds, intense rains and are usually accompanied by a . Pacific Wide View Satellite Loop East Pacific, Atlantic. Tropical cyclones are the most feared and devastating weather events along almost the entire U. Gulf coasts – especially if they develop into . Kids learn about hurricanes ( Tropical Cyclones ) including how they form, names, eye, eye wall, rainbands, locations, seasons, facts, and categories.

Definitions of terms used to describe tropical cyclones , including hurricanes.

Extratropical cyclone : A storm that forms outside the tropics, sometimes as a . Every six years, the list of names begins again! However, the names of especially destructive hurricanes are usually retired. See the “retired” tropical storm and . Typhoons, or tropical cyclones, have various names depending on their birth places in the world. According to the region and severity of stormy conditions, these storms may be referred to as typhoons or hurricanes.

From reviews of the first edition: A comprehensive, factual, concise book on Florida hurricanes. Land and space photographs and storm trajectory maps are . The process behind choosing tropical storm names .