Hurrycane freedom edition

The folding Freedom edition or the new Go Cane with faom handle. FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Your knees bend to help you get in and out of restrictive places like cars.

Freestanding design Anodized aluminum shaft Easily folds down for storage Wrist strap and travel . The three-way cane tip on my HurryCane is incredibly stiff. It does not pivot or flex in any way. Freedom Edition Includes HurryCane , Wrist Strap, Travel Clips .

Shop with confidence on eBay! Even better, this all-terrain cane instantly adapts to changing. Hurrycane is all-terrain cane that gives dignity to human mobility.

We built it from the ground up to feel . Most canes are fine for standing. The HurryCane walking cane . Low prices on wood canes, quad canes, bariactic canes, aluminum canes and walking sticks. Selling Cane in America Folds up in Seconds Pivoting Base Tackles Any Terrain Inspired by the Human Body Stands on its Own. It easily adjusts to varying .

Objective product review about HurryCane – The All-Terrain Cane. One of the best selling walking aids for the elderly in USA. There are not one, but three HurryCanes now available: The “ Freedom ” Edition , the HurryCane Go, and the Navigator. Independent Hurry Cane review to find out if its the right cane for YOU.

This is the cane that is featured on National television! Use on all types of surfaces and terrain. You can still SAVE on the Hurrycane Walking stick, so you can keep you feet steady and your bank balance!

This cane stands upright freely when not in use. It automatically pivots to help you maintain balance on inclines, uneven .