Irma naples storm surge

Hurricane Irma : storm surge causes record flooding in north-east Florida. In some areas, such as Naples , the storm surge appears to have peaked at below . A storm surge of to above normally dry land posed an “imminent danger” in.

He noted that storm surge is moving in, accounting for some of the flooding, . Irma Coverage – Naples , Florida Direct. Irma Storm Surge Mostly Spares Naples Despite Catastrophic Predictions. DANGEROUS STORM SURGES EXPECTED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE EYE PASSAGE ALONG THE FLORIDA WEST .

The eye of the storm was passing over Naples. But the only good thing about it is that the storm surge was minimal. Irma was packing 1mph sustained winds, the strongest storm to make.

Marco Islan south of Naples. A massive storm surge was expected in Naples. The leading wind bands of Irma whipped the coastal water more out to sea, the waters . Irma will bring life-threatening wind and storm surge to the FL Keys and much . There were wind gusts of 1mph reported in Naples , according to . As the eyewall moved through Naples late Sunday afternoon, a wind .

Miami and Naples , as well: . In Naples , and in Tampa Bay, water actually disappeared from Gulf . The worst-case storm surge scenario in the Naples area appeared to lessen somewhat Sunday night as Irma took an inland turn around Fort . In the hour after the eye passed over Naples , Florida, the storm surge followed. In the low-lying Keys, a storm surge of over feet was recorded. Scott: Storm Surge Will Kill You.

ABC News meteorologists are forecasting storm surges of feet in Tampa . Storm surge warnings were in effect for parts of Florida, including North.