Is tenant responsible for water damage

For example, a burst pipe in your flat is causing water to leak into the flat below. I have had all the damage repaired through my insurance, but the tenants of the bottom flat are asking for compensation. I was just informed by Tenant that water from the bathroom tub had.

How on earth do you consider your tenants responsible for any of this. Check your buildings insurance, they will cover the ceiling damage. Your landlord is always responsible for repairs to:.

After one week of no running water —we were fearful of where the water was coming.

Either way, the tenant is responsible for the damage. Unless you caused the water leak the landlord is responsible for taking care of this. The tenants mopped up the water and used a . Water damage and everyday repairs. Read this article to know your rights when it comes to water damage in your. These responsibilities include making sure the property is in good repair and safe to.

The compensation will be for injury to the tenant or their family, or damage to . But tenants do have responsibilities for minor repairs. The question to ask is: who caused the damage ?

She decided to leave her apartment during the third . My question involves landlord- tenant law in the State of: SC Good afternoon my question is concerning water damage and whom is responsible. Who is responsible for what when it comes to water damage ? Understanding your tenant rights for water – damaged apartments is an important . Stutman Law represented the insurance carrier and . It is important to know what to do in the event of repairs or damage in the . Tenants must let the landlord know if something needs fixing. Improper remediation of water damage can allow dangerous mold to.

Was the tenant in any way responsible for the defective condition? Tenants should be educated as to their responsibilities regarding damp. Many of your rights and responsibilities , as well as those of landlords, are controlled .