Is there going to be a hurricane today

Hurricane Center offers everything you need for tracking. With all the information being released on Irma, there have been numerous false. Georgia and into the Carolinas and Tennessee Valley through the start of the coming week.

There are no tropical cyclones in the Eastern North Pacific at this time. Why do reporters go live in severe weather even while others are told to evacuate? Tropical Storm Harvey has broken the all-time contiguous U.

News, special reports, alerts, maps and tips on tropical storms, hurricanes and other severe weather. Flood insurance going way up for some coastal residents. Track hurricanes in Alabama, Gulf Shores and other locations. Get news, photos, forecasts, updates, including information on evacuation routes at AL.

Here is the current , real-time satellite view of the storm. Irma, whose hurricane -force winds are nearly as wide as Florida,. There was no television to keep many residents update with only the. There is the possibility, however, that increasing wind shear that starts.

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We urge you to take cover in that area… this is going to move just west of. The track has shifted again farther west with the p. View satellite maps, hurricane advisories, photos and videos. KHOU Meteorologist Brooks Garner says the beautiful weather is going to continue for the next several.

Today is going to be the long day,” said Mark DeMaria, deputy. Florida authorities said that by Sunday afternoon there were more than 530 . Special local hurricane correspondents are standing by on the islands and will. GOES Satellite – Zoomed in on the Caribbean (05:UTC, minutes ago).