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See lightning strikes in real time across the planet. Free access to maps of former thunderstorms. Latest United Kingdom Lightning Detection Data.

Updated ever seconds showing latest lightning strikes. Realtime radar and lightning strikes over UK , Scotland and Ireland. LIGHTNING storms are set to devastate Britain again today, after torrential rain and flash flooding caused chaos for parts of the UK last night.

My Lightning Tracker is the best app for monitoring lightning strikes all around the world in close to real-time.

The lightning detector will update automatically every 5 . The UK lightning strike page is updated every minutes. The pages shows where lightning strikes have been recorded in the UK and their frequency. Note, it does not include mid-latitude . UK Lightning Tracker and Lightning Facts.

Live lightning detector and track thunderstorms as they form over the UK and Europe. Floodwarn Thunderstorm watch. The station is located in the Southern Pennines, UK at . Utilizes the Blitzortung lightning network to display near-real time lightning strikes and radar from around the world.

Headcorn Weather Station, Headcorn, Kent, United Kingdom. Live Lightning Time of Difference of Arrival (TDoA) . Info on Map (upper left-hand side corner):, Date Two hour period (time is CET=1h +GMT) Number of single lightning strikes in the map section during that two . Click, click cli-cli-cli-click. Malvern Wells Weather ( uk ). UK – WEATHER STATION TOPSITES – UK. Image caption Warning: Lightning strikes can often appear before the.

If you would like to track Storms moving around Great Britain this is for you. You can close into your town see strikes in real time and even time . Spectacular lightning bolts have struck the Devon and Cornwall coast as two- days of storms approaches the UK. England and Wales is on alert . The color of the dot represents the age of the lightning flash. Please note: This is the old lightning tracker.

Our new one can be found here. Thanks to Skywatcher for providing this Lightning Tracker.