List of hurricanes names

They are now maintained and updated through a . See the “retired” tropical storm and. Hurricanes : Atlantic Basin and Eastern North-Pacific.

This decade featured hurricanes David and Frederic , the first male Atlantic hurricane names to be retired. During this decade, storms were deemed significant enough to have their names retired. Alice was the first real human- name storm. Traditionally male names have been included .

Ana, Alex, Arlene, Alberto, Andrea, Arthur. Bill, Bonnie, Bret, Beryl, Barry, Bertha. Claudette, Colin, Cindy, Chris, Chantal . Now, the World Meteorological Organization generates and maintains the list of hurricane names.

Find out more about hurricane names below. In the rare event that there are more than named storms in a . Have you ever wondered how hurricanes are named ? Naming storms began about 2years ago. The earliest evidence of hurricane names.

They also decide when to retire the names of the costliest and deadliest hurricanes , such as Katrina, Rita and Matthew. A few years ago, there was controversy over whether female- named hurricanes kill more . Tropical Prediction Center has produced lists of names for hurricanes. Sorry cover final hires rgb.

This is the list of storm names used for the North Atlantic basin. These lists are rotated every. Q: When did people first start giving names to hurricanes ? Can you guess what the next hurricane will be named ? How do they decide on what to name them?