New hurricane forming

Irma will bring major damage in the form of catastrophic winds and high storm. Miami and Tampa – latest news. If that same storm struck today, Brad Plumer explains at the New.

Two more hurricanes form as Irma cuts through Caribbean. There are now three active hurricanes churning in the Atlantic. Get the latest hurricane info. Find New Orleans, Louisiana and nationwide updates and pictures of the latest storm news and extreme weather coverage from .

There is good news for the storm-weary Texas coast, though: The . This causes more “ new ” warm air to rise into the cyclone, he explains. Hurricane Irma is already blasting its way into the record books, but. Maximum sustained winds were at mph. Hurricane Jose was moving west at near mph and could grow stronger in the next hours.

Irma was joined by Jose and Katia to bring to three the . Besides Irma, hurricanes Jose and Katia also forming in Atlantic region. Hurricane experts say that the formation of several storms in rapid succession is not uncommon, especially in August, September and October, . How do they get their names?

And why are some much more destructive than others? Hurricane force winds, extremely heavy rains and storm surge continue. Hurricane Katia has formed in the Gulf off the coast of Mexico with sustained. Atlantic Multi-Decadel Oscillation — that affects hurricane – forming conditions. When major news happens, stay on top of the latest developments, . Hurricanes do form in the Pacific Ocean, just as they do in the Atlantic, but none of.

Debris on Howard Beach in New York, New York after Hurricane Sandy . For the first time in modern history, three hurricanes in the Atlantic are. Watch interesting BBC video clips full of facts about hurricanes , which are known as. Use the BBC News animated hurricane guide to see how hurricanes form. Tropical Risk Grows in New Outlook.

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