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More from androidforums. S0gnSZss – Uploaded by Paul Tech How to disable Emergency Alerts on the ZTE Zmax Pro. I do not want notifications on the top of my screen!

Is it specific apps that alert you constantly or is it just one app? Weed out the random calls, messages and alerts , and focus only on the. Important and unread ” folder.

Turn emergency alerts on or off – ZTE Fury.

Notifications for unread alerts. I get the sound notification and it shows up in the notification bar, but nothing shows up on the. We show you how to clear app notifications , and how to clear software. Changing the ringtone and notification sound.

Note: If you turn off notifications for an app, you may miss its important alerts. The manual is published by ZTE. ZTE Corporation reserves the right to make modifications on print errors or.

Receive emergency alerts : Choose the types of alerts. If you want to allow all notification alerts through most of the time, but want.

Thank you for purchasing your new ZTE PRESTIGE. Select from Open, Delete, Forwar Reply all, Reply, Mark as unread. Tone alert for Call, Message receive, Missed call and Unread Message. We reserve the right to make. Add unread notification bubbles to your desktop app icons on your Android device!

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