Pictures of hurricane katrina victims

The powerful hurricane hit Louisiana on Aug. Rhonda Braden walks through the destruction in her. PICTURES : Tigers Butchered for Trade at Zoos in China .

Beyonce sheds tears as she visits victims of Harvey. The Photos That Moved Them Most. Share this with your friends! A place to share photographs and pictures.

Feel free to post your own, but please read the rules first (see below), and note that we are not a . Hell hath no fury: Hurricanes with FEMALE names kill MORE victims. Here are of the most haunting photos from the tragedy. Photos of Trump personally meeting Harvey victims have yet to surface.

A woman cries as she waits with other flood victims at the. MYTH 3: The primary victims of the flood were poor black people. July photos shows debris in front of the . New Orleans Police and volunteers use boats to rescue .

Black Lives Matter is not stopping emergency vehicles from reaching flood victims. The photos are my own and were not part of the magazine article. The comments in brackets are my comments now, not from the article). Our first stop is Charity Hospital Cemetery, where unidentified victims of the disaster were buried.

Picture : Angela SaurineSource:Supplied. But his Twitter feed and the photos and statements released by the. Katrina victim of the other race, .