Pinellas county evacuation zones 2017

In order to know when to evacuate for hurricane surge flooding, you must KNOW YOUR ZONE ! Keep in min you evacuate to avoid deadly surge flooding. Flood zones , evacuation zones , and storm surge are different.

ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE. PINELLAS COUNTY EVACUATION ZONE MAP. Mandatory evacuations have been expanded to all residents and businesses in.

Find evacuation and emergency information for Tampa, St.

Hurricane evacuation route information and maps. With that in min the county expanded its mandatory evacuation order Saturday morning. So, we advise our residents to go to our pinellascounty.

Evacuation Zone and other Emergency Management data. Ways to find your evacuation zone. These county -wide evacuation route and zone maps are based upon the.

Level B – Evacuate red and orange areas. Please note that within many counties , there may not be designated evacuation zones. Review you evacuation zones at the start of hurricane season by using one or more of the .

A look at the evacuation zones for Safety Harbor. Pinellas county evacuation zones Timeline. Find your evacuation zone (county site may be slow) ZONE MAPS (PDF files): – North. Difference Between Watches and Warnings. Notification Responsibilities.

After midnight, individuals in evacuation zones in these counties should not get on the road. Irma roared into the Caribbean with record force early Wednesday,. Here are our maps tracking the storm and the latest photographs. The storm battered Miami for hours, and many people who had evacuated to hotels and other places of safety found themselves .