Plylox window clips

Record each measurement on this convenient printable chart. Work left-to-right, floor-by-floor. The recorded height should be .

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from . Tension clips secure ½ plywood to recessed window casings. Oddly enough Lowes no longer seems to. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Plylox clips work very well if you use them correctly. You must cut the plywood to the proper window width. The old Plylox instructions advised . Find quality storm window panel clips online or in store. PLYLOX window clips let you . Make boarding up your home quick and easy with Plylox residential clips. They are designed to work with brick, wood or stucco homes that have an inset window.

This allows you to do only one shutter installation per window. Plywood and steel clips help protect your windows from hurricanes and severe weather.

The fastest and easiest system to board up your windows. No need to drill holes, nail boards, or ruin siding. Measure and cut wood to fit inside casing slide on plylox clips push plywood into window casing youre protected. Hurricane tested protection for your home.

To remove just remove tension from clip by . These bags have never been opened. The clips are used to secure plywood in windows on brick houses etc. Does anybody know where to purchase these right now?

In addition to protecting packages, bubble wrap can also be used to trap escaping air from windows.