Plywood thickness for hurricane protection

The old standby and least expensive option, plywood is not approved for hurricane protection by many state building codes. Proper storm protection requires time and money. Because of the temporary nature of plywood shutters, the panel weight, and the installation labor require .

If your home is not protected by impact-resistant windows and doors or impact- resistant shutters or panels, consider building your own temporary emergency . Hang plywood panel over bolts. Across America, US – As Hurricane Irma forces millions to evacuate,. Well-built structures still need the added protection of hurricane shutters,.

For those with limited incomes plywood shutters may be the only affordable option. Keep in mind that NO types of plywood shutters meet the South. How to Choose Hurricane Window Protection. After protecting your home or business from high winds and flying debris, the. Clips create rigi safe, temporary attachment of plywood to brick, woo or stucco.

Plywood is not approved for Miami-Dade County or High Velocity Hurricane Zones. Requirements for Attaching Plywood for Window Protection. Hurricane protection for wide openings like picture windows, sliders, doors,.

How To Protect Your Home Against Hurricanes.

Structural wood ( plywood or OSB) panels. The thickness and type of glass that is installed in the window a. Colonial shutters can provide excellent hurricane protection while offering pleasing architectural . Glazed openings protected from windborne debris shall meet the. Recent hurricane seasons have provided painful lessons in the importance of. Some layer of plywood will always be better than not protecting your . These covers can be heavy duty commercial shutters or properly installed plywood of sufficient thickness for the opening it is protecting. What Are “ Hurricane -Prone Regions” and “Windborne Debris Regions”?

Common methods for plywood shutter attachment to wood-frame and . Provide the ultimate hurricane protection with our RDC Dade Country approved. Benefits of using our Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels vs Plywood.