Protect sentence

Study vocabulary in context. Many of the sentences have audio, too. The children were wearing heavy jackets, hats and wool mittens as protection from the severe cold.

Companies should protect their intellectual property with patents and trademarks. Communication is cut off to protect the driver, Papa said. Example sentences for Protect.

The residents of the Vineyard protect their quiet, exclusive privacy.

In the long run, on-line services . Next, use your sentence to figure out the missing word in the second pair of items. A) that will protect and foil (B) to . German sentences showing broad focus . The primary difference is that while the aim of the licence period is to protect the . The express inclusion of the right to life, which. Driving home from school, Brett vowed to protect the fragile ecosystem all the . Protect the public – from the offender and from the risk of more crimes being . These sentences were introduced to provide extra protection to the public in certain types of cases where the court has found that the offender is dangerous and .

Cow slaughter to be punishable by life sentence in Gujarat. Sep – Sep Free Resources for GMAT. US Sentencing and Dangerous Offenders: Legal Guidance: The Crown.

The government is taking further action to protect victims from stalking, . Special protection for children and the most vulnerable. Police officers should abide and protect the law, and represent justice and . For those on an ICS, they will not be released until . A serial sexual predator who preyed on lone women in Penarth for nine years has been put behind bars. At Cardiff Crown Court 27-year-old . Medical Protection Society Website.

The life sentence for Elias Kifle and the prison sentences for. Committee to Protect Journalists said today.