Safest corner of basement in tornado

The United States has the highest concentration of tornadoes in the worl and. Is the southwest corner of my house the safest place to take cover? Some believe the southwest corner of the basement is the safest.

When the storm cellar could kill you. Tornado sirens wail eerily above the rising sound of the wind. Myth 5: The Southwest Corner of Your Basement is the Safest Place to Hide.

Considering the normal movement patterns of tornadoes the safest place is the N. This is the area least likely to be . There has been people killed inside there basement by tornadoes and. The safe southwest corner is an old myth based on the belief that, . For many years Meteorologists advocated being in the southwest corner of the basement. The jury is out on what the safest corner of the basement is, for those that . Now is the perfect time to think about tornado safety in advance of severe.

Always seek out shelter in the southwest corner of any building. The southwest corner of my house, basement , etc.

Is the Southwest Corner of Your Basement the Safest Place to be During a . Tornado Alley have underground tornado shelters or safe rooms. This list of tornado safety tips covers most situations. My mom says the southeast corner of the basement.

But what about people with no basement ? FACT: Most tornadoes rotate cyclonically, meaning that they spin counter- clockwise. Tornadoes are less likely to occur near mountainous areas………………………43. In the basement , the southwest corner is the safest shelter from a .