Safety measures for tornadoes

The keys to survival are preparedness and action. Learn how to prepare, respond and recover from tornadoes. Learn about using tornado shelters and other tornado safety tips.

If you are in an area where tornadoes happen, make sure you know how to stay safe ! Most tornadoes are much weaker. Here are three important tips to help keep you . You can never review tornado safety tips and rules too much.

Read our guideline for tornado preparedness and promoting safety in the. Identify safe rooms built to FEMA criteria or ICC5storm shelters or other. Warning or an approaching tornado.

Pay close attention to any storm . Historically, the steps taken have varied greatly, . Doppler radar measures wind speeds and the direction. If you get caught on the roa use these tips to help stay safe. Tornado Precautions : Know What to Do.

More tornadoes strike Texas than any other state.

To prepare for these violent storms, there are several precautions you can take . While the measures below focus specifically on tornado risks, many also will. For all the destruction hurricanes and tornadoes can cause, a significant amount of damage could be reduced by taking some necessary safety precautions. Include: 口 flashlight, extra . If you put hurricane safety measures into place now – and prepare your home and . Following safety precautions. The risk of death and injury from tornadoes can be minimized by. Severe weather happens frequently in Texas.

Every area of the state is vulnerable to the threat of tornadoes common in Texas thunderstorms.