Storm chaser irma

As the eye of the Hurricane Irma pummeled the Florida Keys with lashing rains and battering winds, a storm chaser exited his car, stepped into . A storm chaser has posted extraordinary footage as Hurricane Irma batters Florida. Juston Drake, a meteorologist, is shown in the video stumbling as he battles the winds which exceed 100mph, just off mainland Florida at Key West. As he attempts to get a wind speed reading, Mr Drake. Simon Brewer, a storm chaser , tries to gather data about Hurricane Irma and in doing so, witnesses the power. A storm chaser has demonstrated the full force of Hurricane Irma as he attempted to stand up against its lashing winds in the Florida Keys.

Most people have left the Florida Keys, but a pair of storm chasers make a stand as Hurricane Irma hits the islands. That’s the reality facing the fearless storm chasers staying behind in the Florida Keys to measure Hurricane Irma. As millions scrambled to flee¬†. This is the moment a storm – chaser was blown down a Florida street as he was trying to measure Hurricane Irma’s 100mph plus winds. Irma made landfall in Florida early Sunday morning, with a force of.

Storm Chaser Captures Jaw-Dropping Images As Irma Makes Landfall. Storm chasers Juston Drake and Simon Brewer are out in some of the most extreme winds of Hurricane Irma.