Storm surge in naples

Storm Surge Flooding exceeds all-time record in downtown. Also, follow our live updates here or . A storm surge of to above normally dry land posed an “imminent.

Josh Morgerman, a hurricane chaser positioned in Naples , described . Storm surge combined with waves can cause extensive damage. The storm surge was already starting to spike in Naples as of early . Irma was packing 1mph sustained winds, the strongest storm to make.

Marco Islan south of Naples. Forecasters projected storm surge could get as high as feet in . Along the beach, in canals and even in Naples Bay, water levels fell noticeably. Drone footage reveals flooding and destruction in Naples. Hurricane Irma slammed into Naples today, leaving behind.

DANGEROUS STORM SURGES EXPECTED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE EYE PASSAGE ALONG THE FLORIDA WEST . Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples , Sarasota and Miami. Water levels in Naples have begun to rise rapidly as of 4pm. There were wind gusts of 1mph reported in Naples , according to .

Josh Einiger was streaming live from Naples , Florida as tiles flew off the roof during intense winds. A massive storm surge was expected in . Rick Scott said Sunday he expects storm surge to flood his beachfront mansion in Naples , Fla. As the eyewall moved through Naples late Sunday afternoon, a wind . Irma crosses Keys, Naples likely to take first hit on mainlan extreme storm surge.

Blue = astronomical tides, red = observed water level, difference = storm surge. According to experts, homes in Naples may be particularly vulnerable to storm surges from powerful weather events this year. A report from CoreLogic ranked . National Oceanic and Atmospheric .