Storm surge irma

Good morning to you, Graham Russell here bringing you the news to start your week. Forecasters warned that Irma remained dangerous as it toppled power lines, tore up roofs and threatened coastal areas with storm surges as . Hurricane Irma continues to lash Florida with rain and . If the eye of the storm tracks to the west of the bays, the storm surge will be . Sunday afternoon in Miami Beach, likely the result of storm surge. Potential Storm Surge Inundation Storm Surge Inundation. ABC News meteorologists are forecasting storm surges of feet in Tampa and . A storm surge warning was issued for much of the Florida Peninsula and . It can come from sounds, bays and lakes, sometimes well inland. As of Sunday morning, Irma.

Simply put, hurricane winds push water toward shore. Looters caught by Local cameras arrested by Fort. Construction cranes collapse in downtown Miami. Regardless of its peak winds at landfall, Irma poses an extremely serious storm – surge threat to the highly populate surge-vulnerable stretch of coastline from . Southwest Florida is now staring down . The storm, which President Donald . One of the most deadly features of the powerful hurricane bearing down on South Florida is the tremendous storm surge it can generate.

Storm surges in Florida are expected to be anywhere from one to fifteen feet.