Strongest hurricane ever recorded in the world

The storm grew fast and furiously. Maximum sustained winds of 1mph were recorded in Rockport when it made landfall in Texas. Strongest And Deadliest Hurricanes Ever Recorded Massive flooding caused by hurricanes kill thousands of people and damage property worth millions of .

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks. More people around the world would trip and fall. The previous record -holder for the strongest tropical cyclone ever. This makes it the strongest hurricane to ever hit this part of the world , surpassing the .

What are the other nine worst hurricanes ? In the billions of years history of the world , this is not even close to the worst storm in real . This list of the worst hurricanes ever includes photos of some of the most. Wilma, which became the costliest and strongest on record. The systems occur all over the world.

Atlantic hurricane on record. Hurricane Irma struck the northeast Caribbean with terrifying. Already one of the most powerful storms ever recorded , Irma could become one.

This is something terrible, an experience out of this world.

It is the strongest storm on record to impact the Leeward Islands. The Deadliest Tropical Cyclones in World History. The powerful storm hits parts of Mexico leaving devastation in its wake. Based on pressure, here are the strongest hurricanes to hit the. Irma as measured by wind speed is the most powerful hurricane to form in.

The world has witnessed numerous disasters over the centuries and . Wilma 8mb (1st), Rita 8mb (4th), . Irma, the strongest hurricane ever recorded , makes landfall on the Caribbean island of Barbuda. A myriad of world – class surf spots will undoubtedly be effecte but considering the severity of the .