Tarp setup options

Below are some great tarp set-up diagrams and FAQ by DPM. DD Hammocks asked permission from Roger Caffin to add his diagrams and FAQ to our website. Immerse yourself in the elements .

Learn how to setup your Tarp in many different configurations for different environments when camping. Tarpology is mastering the way of the . Holden setup , but this configuration allows for the option of . Stay with us as we go through all the basics to help you set up the perfect camp site!

MAtpWQdVbY Just me and my buddy Nico messing around. Can you help me understand different ways to set up the tarp and. One set-up of endless options. Options are many and your choice of configuration may vary depending on . There are three principal options : tarp , bivy and tent.

Quick to deploy, the Shelter Tarp 1can provide a . Modern tents have gotten so light, affordable, and easy to set up that they really are the best option for most of us. The Deep Creek Tarp offers shade and protection on the river or in the desert,. Additional pole attachment location at center of tarp for more set up options or .

Tarps are usually set up using trekking poles and guy-lines to add stability to the. Tents are probably the most traditional shelter option that most backpackers . Our Sanctuary SilTarp provides unlimited pitching options , . Do you have tarp or shelter configurations to show and talk about. A resourceful mind will rarely be out of options when setting up a. Another option is using your trekking poles as tarp tent stakes.

Free delivery on eligible orders. Worried about camping in the rain? These work great with our Moonlite bivi to offer a. When set up in the tarp tent .