The deposition of calcium salts in bone tissues is referred to as

Cells that secrete the organic components of the bone matrix are called. The deposition of calcium salts in bone tissues is referred to as. Bones that develop within tendons are called ______ bones.

Osteoclasts produce enzymes that break down the bone cells for the calcium and other salts. Stem cells that can differentiate into osteoblasts are called ______ cells. The process of protein formation directed by mRNA is called.

Mineral salts in bones make them able to retain their mass even after death,.

Intramembranous bones originate between layers of connective tissues that are. This type of cartilage growth from the inside out is called interstitial growth. Calcification is the deposition of insoluble calcium salts in the bone matrix. Compact bone is arranged in units called osteons.

E) other tissues that connect bones. Protection = delicate tissues and organs are often surrounded by skeletal elements. The osteocytes then rebuild the matrix, stimulating the deposition of mineral crystals. Top Result 4available.

In physiological conditions, for example, in bone , their incorporation as inorganic components.

When the deposition occurs locally in dying tissues it is known as dystrophic. In contrast, the deposition of calcium salts in otherwise normal tissues. In the course of time, heterotopic bone may be formed in the focus of calcification. Pathologic calcification implies the abnormal deposition of calcium salts together. Deposition of radioactive substances in the bone can cause prolonged.

Although calcium salts usually do not precipitate in normal tissues besides . Formation of osseous tissue in soft tissues such as the lungs, eyes, arteries, or other organs is known as ectopic . Skeletal remodeling occurs in microscopic elements of bone referred to as. DEPOSITION OF CALCIUM SALTS IN AREAS OF CALCIFICATION. Hard Structures Formed in Connection with Living Tissues , Brit. Cells known as osteoblasts deposit calcium into bone , remaking it.

The extracellular matrix (ECM) of bone is hardened by the deposition of calcium salts. Bone surfaces are lined with connective tissues that contain osteoprogenitor . Finally they begin to deposit calcium salts , thereby starting the mineralisation process.