Things to do in case of emergency

Do not enter elevators during an emergency. Preparation: What to Have in Case of Emergency. Having an emergency kit of supplies.

Find out what to do for five common emergencies. Do you have an emergency kit stashed in your home? The following list of the first things to do in any emergency contains overall tips that.

If the person you are with is unconscious, there are certain things you should look.

In the case of an accident or emergency , you need to assess the situation . In case of an emergency , please contact the nearest member of University staff or contact the Cambridge Admissions Office . We can tell you all about the best thing to do in the heat of the. Too often well-intentioned. This emergency plan needs to be in proportion to the level of risk presented.

Even experienced rock climbers and enthusiasts . Young children, especially those under age five, sometimes put items , such . Things You Should Know in Case of an Emergency with your Pet. Emergency Information for Faculty and Instructors in the Classroom.

Know how to report an emergency from. Remember that the hard shoulder is only for emergencies , not for making calls. Stop at an emergency refuge area (ERA), motorway service area or leave at the . A wide variety of emergencies may cause an evacuation.

What about all of my things , essential files, . The first thing to do is to make sure that you stay safe, so please:. Because time is of the essence, the last thing passengers should do in . However, there are many things that you can do to help protect yourself, your family,. Talk about and practice for an emergency.

Top Things to Have in Your Car in Case of Emergency. We have already outlined what you need to do after you get in an accident, but .