Tornado vs parking garage

Parking garages are pretty tough structures. Tornadoes can cause fatalities and devastate neighborhoods in seconds. Never seek shelter in cars in the parking lot or parking garage.

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Newsline: Engineer studies effect of tornadoes, high winds on cars.

The sound bite is seconds and the outcue is . Then move to the most interior area possible, away from windows. TornadoFilter : Which of these options is the safest shelter in a. It all depends on the parking garage structure(how it is made, what it is made out of) and the intensity of the tornado. Boldness: How to Live With Spartan Bravery. What the Red Cross recommends is getting off the roa parking the car, and . Further east, the tornado heavily damaged several business buildings facing Portage Street across from the parking garage.

Automobiles in the parking lot . CNN Center was severely damage including shattered windows.

With help, they half le half dragged him into the parking garage. I drove into the congested parking garage , tempted to park in the handicapped spot. The construction of buildings, highways, driveways, and parking lots. Tornado Night would be added to the ongoing list.

Frequently asked questions that we answer about our underground garage storm shelters and. Does driving over or parking on my storm shelter damage it? For people who live in apartments versus those who live in homes, the task can be a.