Verizon emergency alerts not working

More from community. Weather alerts are controlled by your weather app, not emergency settings. Amber and weather alerts can be turned off on Androi BlackBerry, iOS, and.

There is one caveat, though: there is currently no way to turn off the presidential alerts. Emergency Alerts is no longer working after Kit Kat. The technology ensures that emergency alerts will not get stuck in highly congested areas, which can happen.

How to stop those annoying emergency alerts on your Verizon or.

Are they running the same version of iOS? Sprint Nextel, T- Mobile, U. You can opt out of the AMBER and weather alerts but not Presidential Alerts. I never had this problem on verizon and am frustrated that my . Solved: I just have to say that Verizon wiped the floor with you guys last Friday.

But not everyone in New York received it. Has anyone noticed delays in receiving emergency alerts ? Note: Presidential Alerts may not be disabled. To disable an alert, tap to uncheck each alert as needed.

The emergency alerts are now set. Android gives you lots of flexibility for controlling the emergency alerts you receive, though the settings are tucked away. Everyone who had Verizon did not. Perhaps presciently, local officials there raised those exact issues. WEA-enable but older models, not so much.

Good Verizon Reception Needed – It will not work where Verizon wireless . A nationwide system of extreme weather and other emergency alerts is set to go live this month on all major US carriers. And even if you do have WEA, the messages may not always be helpful. The government issues three types of alerts through this system.

Verizon have announced their willingness to participate in the system.