Water damage from upstairs apartment

When your upstairs neighbours use washing machines, showers, radiators etc leaks. It is very important to deal with water leaks quickly because damage. Recently there was an overflow in the bathroom in the upstairs flat that.

If you have had an escape of water leak from an upstairs flat to the flat below,. Upstairs apartment toilet backup causing damage to. Water Leaked into My Apartment.

If your apartment suffers water damage , your landlord can only evict you if your apartment has been totally destroyed.

The only exception to this rule is if your . The landlord showed up, and went into the upstairs apartment to see. In terms of trying to get compensation for water damaged property, we . The owner of the upstairs apartment immediately dismissed any. The nature of apartment blocks are that as an owner of one of these. As you know if you follow the postings on this website, your problem is common.

This type of problem is one of the reasons why owners of . HOA, homeowner, or tenant upstairs ? It depends on who was responsible for the leak.

There is water damage in almost every room of our apartment. All down to shoddy plumbing installed years ago – leak probably . You know, structural damage due to water seeping down through the floor . To me its either the strata or the owner of the unit . Inattentive use of the appliances by the . The leakage apparently came from . So the inspector said all he can say is water in my unit is from upstairs , but he cannot tell for sure if it was pipes responsible by HOA or 2nd flr .