What category was hurricane wilma when it hit florida

Florida , oil futures eased as worries of another direct hit on the oil producing . Here are some of the most notable hurricanes to hit Florida in the past. From my TV interview with NHC Director if this hits south Florida this is going.

South Florida under hurricane warning as Irma approaches. Media caption Category five Hurricane Irma viewed from space. As it barrels across the Caribbean toward Florida , locals are bracing.

Hurricane Wilma , the last storm to bear that name, hit on the west coast of Florida.

If Irma keeps up its wind speeds, it will be the first category five storm to hit the US since Andrew. Wilma outstripped Katrina for sustained wind power – peaking at . Irma is expected to strengthen as it nears the Gulf Coast of Florida early Sunday. Category Five hurricane during the overnight hours with winds of 1miles. Taco Bell to order foo I decided to play it safe and wait until it hit Florida. In fact, that may be partly an explanation for the problems after Katrina hit.

Wilma also made several landfalls, hitting the Yucatan Peninsula and Florida. The hurricane force winds in Irma are wider than Florida , tweeted. States of emergency have already been declared in Puerto Rico, the U.

Virgin Islands, Florida and South Carolina. Catastrophic damage” is expected in areas hit hardest. After emerging into the Gulf of Mexico, the storm accelerated towards Florida. Marco Islan FL (Current Weather Conditions).

Saturday marks years since hurricane Wilma made landfall in southwest Florida. The category three storm raced across the state, exiting near . Wilma hit Florida with 125-mile-an-hour winds, sending waves crashing onto the. Will Hurricane Irma hit Orlando, Florida ? This time it is Wilma who has already left dead in other areas.

This storm devastated the Florida Keys, obliterating the town of.