What caused hurricane andrew

On August, the depression became Tropical Storm Andrew and traveled west- northwest towards the Lesser Antilles. Steering currents caused the storm to . The tropical wave brought the hurricane from the ocean near Africa to the North Atlantic Ocean.

The mix of pressure systems and warm water created significant cloud rotation. Andrew was the most powerful hurricane to hit South Florida in almost years,. The remnants of Andrew even caused rainfall and minor flooding up . The storm caused $billion in insured damages to homes, leading to the .

Hurricane Andrew destroyed trailer homes near Homestea Fla. Although Andrew caused significant flooding damage immediately adjacent to the . Credit: Bob Epstein, FEMA News Photo). Nine out of ten deaths are caused by such surges and annually people die from . The hurricane caused more than $billion in insured residential homestead . Hurricanes and extreme extratropical storms cause elevated sea level, . It is expected to cause major damage overnight due to high winds and.

Louisiana coast on August 26. Bahamas and caused an estimated $26.

These hurricanes caused the highest number of fatalities in U. Some hurricane names have repeated themselves, but others that have caused significant damage such as Andrew , Katrina or Sandy are permanently retired . Irma, with its hurricane-force winds extending miles out from its center. In other storms we see the storm surge and the flooding is what causes most of . In addition, Andrew caused damages in excess of $billion. Andrew killed dozens and caused an estimated USD 15. About one million people in south Florida were ordered .