What do manatees eat

Manatees are herbivores, feeding primarily on aquatic plants. Learn about the types of food manatees eat. Manatees can eat – of their body weight in vegetation daily.

A 453- kilogram (000-pound) manatee , for example, would probably eat between 45- 68 . Watch this short video featuring Dr. Researchers have identified more . While manatees are herbivores, they do sometimes eat plankton or tiny fish that have the misfortune of hanging out on some grass when a .

Manatees (family Trichechidae, genus Trichechus) are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous. Florida instead of migrating south as they once did. Rarely do individuals venture into waters below degrees Fahrenheit. A baby manatee eating lettuce using both of its flippers. How do Manatees Sleep Underwater?

Cute manatee gets up close and personal with the camera! Weird Underwater World – SZtv 6. Despite weighing 0pounds or more, manatees do not have a. IUCN says the estimate of 10manatees should be regarded .

There are more than species of plant life that manatees eat. Species profile of the West Indian manatee. Diet: Manatees eat aquatic plants such as cordgrass, turtle grass and eelgrass and even non-native water hyacinth and hydrilla.

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Did you know that manatees are related to elephants? Some of this algae is toxic and can kill manatees if they eat it.