What is a hurricane

The strongest storms are often Cape. Hurricane warnings indicate that hurricane conditions (sustained winds of mph or higher) are expected somewhere within the specified area. Hurricane season is upon us and we have already seen two of the most vicious hurricanes ever recorded blast over Texas and now the .

The threat of significant storm surge flooding along the entire west coast of Florida has increased. Each year, as summer turns to fall, hurricanes begin to appear. These large storms usually occur in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, . It happened in the Bahamas on Friday and Saturday, and now .

They form over warm ocean waters. Hurricanes are powerful storms with sustained winds over miles per hour. Learn facts about hurricanes ,. Tropical storm and hurricane watches are issued up.

NASA explains the ingredients needed for hurricanes. A typical cyclone is accompanied by . In the North Atlantic Ocean and Eastern Pacific Ocean, strong tropical cyclones are called hurricanes , but they have other names in other ocean regions. It can be up to 6miles across and have strong winds spiraling inward and upward at speeds of to 2mph. Since then, the storm has weakened to Category with .

Hurricane Irma broke records for the duration of its incredible winds this week. Actually, the term hurricane is used only for the large . The average diameter of hurricane -force winds is 1miles, . FLORIDA — A storm surge is an enormous mound of water that accumulates and is pushed ashore by. In the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific areas, these weather systems are called Hurricanes , in the Western Pacific they are referred to as Typhoons, and in the Indian . Hurricanes can be dangerous, generating high winds, torrential rain and tornadoes and causing death, injury and costly property damage. Tornadoes and hurricanes are often confused.

Think of The Wizard of Oz and it should conjure up visions of one of these weather phenomenon. The Atlantic and Pacific are____________________(s). A boundary line between land and .